Create Fake Siri Conversation Using iFakeSiri

Siri is being one of the biggest USP factor for Apple iPhone 4S. It’s your personal assistant which does many tasks just by using your voice command like setting alarm, making phone calls and sending tweets. Apart from doing various tasks, you can also ask questions from Siri. It uses Wolfram Alpha search engine to give you reply. In past some incidents happened where Siri gave some very funny answers.

Now, if you want anyone to make a funny Siri conversation of your own then head over to iFakeSiri. It is a website where you can type questions and funny answers both and this website will process the conversation typed by you and generates a cool Siri like image. You can set it as your wallpaper and show it to your friends to make them laugh. Funny, isn’t it.


This website is free and no sign up is required. There is three different carriers option is also given. After generating image, it also gives you option to embed this image in HTML format. Also you can share your fake conversation in Social media.

Go to iFakeSiri.

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