Create Favicons easily with BytesX Favicon Generator

BytesX Favicon Generator is an application that allows users to easily create favicons from the most popular image formats like PNG, BMP, JPG or GIF into icon files like ICO, EXE or DLL. Users have the option to configure the output formats before converting the files.

favicon gen

BytesX Favicon Generator allows users to create favicons instantly using the drag and drop operation. This application supports the most popular image formats like JPG, BMP, JPG and GIF and converts them instantly into other icon containing files like ICO, EXE or DLL which can be configured from the application.

Users can customize the output format of their favicons into a minimized small size of 16×16 dimension to create the smallest icon files or even increase the size of the icons up to 48×48 dimensions.

BytesX Favicon Generator supports a drag and drop feature which makes it easier to locate image files and drop them directly into the app for converting into icon files. The generated icon files are automatically saved in the location where you have specified the image files so it is easy for users to locate where they are. Or you can simply go to the location from the application.

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