How to Create Online Flipbook Using Simplebooklet

Flipbook is a book having number of various pictures which can be flipped. It is popular because it is interactive and can be easily understandable. Online Flipbook is a visual graphics having flip button by which you can press the button and change the picture one by one. It is an interactive medium of presenting the things online. Google Fast Flip is an example of online Flipbook. Creating Flipbook is not an easier task because it involves coding to create a flip page.

An online tool known as Simplebooklet makes it easy to create online flipbook easily. It is a superb tool having lots of options. You can embed image, file, webpage, code, video, music on the flipbook and publish it on your blog or websites such as Twitter and Facebook. All you need is to go to the site and sign up for the service. Login with your credentials and follow the below given steps to make a nice looking Flipbook.

Click on the My Booklets tab and then click “create a booklet”.


Enter the name of booklet and select the type by selecting the dropdown. Click the “Create” button.


Click on the blank screen to add content.


It gives you options to add new page, image, file, text, video, embed code, webpage, music, and background color.


Add your image by clicking “Choose File” button. You can also add image from the sites such as Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, Smugmug, Twitpic etc. You can add videos from the sites like YouTube, Yahoo video, Myspace,, Revision3, etc.


After adding one content you can add another one by clicking the page curl button given at the top right. After adding sufficient content, it’s time to publish the Flipbook. Click on the “Publish” button to check the publish options.


You can select among many given options. Either you can make the flipbook public so that any user can view it or you can keep it private. There is option to send it through email and embed the code on your website (the site provides iframe code). Also you can share it on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.


So that is how you can create a brand new Flipbook using Simplebooklet. Overall it is simple, easy to use and very interactive medium to explain anything to people on social media or websites.

Check out Simplebooklet.

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  1. Try FlipBook Creator to convert pdf to flipbook with page flipping effect. So greate, i have used it for a long time, so here i recommend.

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