Create Good Looking Animated gif’s with AnimatedGif

AnimatedGif is a software that users can use to merge a number of images together to create an animated image file where you can view all of the selected images in that one single file. This app is simple enough to use and animated images can be made by anybody.

animated gif

AnimatedGif is a portable app so you don’t have to go through the painstaking process of installation. Just extract the files from the zip folder and run the exe file. The main window of the app has everything you will need to know about this app. On the top of the window is a box, where you can drag and drop your images files that you want merged into one to create an animation. You can set the frame rate yourself, i.e, the rate at which the pictures are changed. You can vary the quality of the images that will be seen in the animated Gif. The quality can be varied from low quality( lower picture quality but better frame rate) to balanced quality( maintains a balance between quality of the image and the frame rate; recommended for most users) to high quality images( better quality of images but frame rate may be slower depending on the computer’s performance).

Download AnimatedGif.

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