Create Multiple choice Quizzes Easily with Multiple Choice Quiz Maker

Multiple Choice Quiz Maker is an app that offers an easy and effective way of presenting your tests and questions to others. Create fun and educational quizzes with this app which will help guide you through the entire process of creating questions as well as creating options for the answers.

multiple choice quiz makerbackground multiple

You can add as many questions as you want with the app. This app also allows users to change the background of the quiz interface to make it look more attractive and more interesting. Go to the Quiz settings to change the background to a solid color, or give it a different texture. You can change the background of each question of your quiz to help differentiate the questions easily.

You can also add questions which are to be answered by identifying an image. You can add the image to your quiz by clicking on the insert image button. You can even add sounds to your quizzes, randomize your questions, change the font settings of each question, all through this app.

The one downside being that this is just a trial version, if you really like this app, then you can download the paid full version of Multiple Choice Question Maker for a reasonable price.

Download Multiple Choice Question Maker

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