Create Online Magazines Easily Using Zeen

Online content reading has seen exponential growth with the launch of tablets and phablets especially. Today, we spend as much time siting and reading books and magazines on the likes of iPad and Nexus 7s as much as the real paperback versions. However, creating the magazine sort of content still remains a bit of a problem if you just want it to be in a digital form. There are plenty of blogging places for you to express your views but what if you want it to be a little nicer and more organized and fairly periodical? Then we have the perfect solution for you in the form of Zeen.

Zeen is a fairly simple web application that lets you create online magazines of your own choice. The steps to be followed are fairly simple and the UI is very easy to use. All you have to do is create a new account by signing up for the application and you are good to go. Just before you sign up , you can still have a look at fair few examples. You can also read these various magazines for free and they are incredible to looks at.

The images that you wish to add in Zeen to create the magazine can be browsed directly from twitter, Instagram or even Google Images. This is fairly handy cause these are the places where we mainly store or look for images. You start off by creating a title or the the front page and subsequently keep adding pages to the application. This is indeed very easy and you have to follow onscreen instructions to create your own online magazine. You also have various templates, or page forms that you can use. You can also share your zeen once you have created it, and also watch what others have done. It indeed is a great way to increase your social network too provided you have good content to share.

So why the wait, head over to Zeen, and get started.

Via: Appstorm

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