Create paintings from photos with Psykopaint

This could be one of the most innovative and artistic websites that you might find on the web today. Psykopaint is a website which allows users to turn their images into artistic paintings with the help of a few simple touches. The interface is brilliantly interactive and fun to use and navigate around to help you create paintings that will live long in the memory of the viewer.


The homepage of Psykopaint shows some demonstrations of what you can do on this website. You can view some sample images from the website and move your mouse from right to left on the image to turn the image into a beautiful artists rendition of that image. You can view the latest images posted on the website by viewing the Gallery. To create your own paintings from your images, simply click on the “Getting Started” button. Upload a picture from your computer and you can get started with your creation. There are a variety of tools and brush sizes available to the user to create their very own masterpiece with a few simple clicks of the mouse. The tools available for use are:

1. Paint brush:  The simple and evergreen paint brush to create paintings with simple movements of the mouse

2. Spray can: Simple move the mouse here and there and watch the magic happen on its own.

3. Crazy cannon: A number of sub options are available under this tool to help you create magnificent looking paintings easily, like the autocannon which will automatically add the texture and color to make the painting lively as you move the mouse around.

4. Ribbons: Make textures of your images with ribbon shapes to give a flow to your painting.

5. Slicer: Slicer is a tool that slices specific parts of your image so you can edit them separately.

6. Text brush: Add text to the selected area from the image.

7. Eraser: The tool which will remove any unwanted edits you made to your image.

This is what I managed to create in Psykopaint:

psykopaint imagepsykopaint painting

Check out Psykopaint.

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