Create Professional Looking Flash Cards with ProProfs Flash Cards

Are you preparing for an entrance exam and want to make sure you do well in it? Then Flash cards are the most efficient way to prepare for them. It has been proven that preparing for exams by making flash cards helps students to remember the topics easily. ProProfs Flash Cards is an online tool that helps users to create flash cards on their computer to help them prepare for their exams.

proproflash cards

To start using this online tool, you will have to first register to the website. Simply create an account on the website and you’re good to go. Users can then choose either to start making their own flash cards or simply browse through the website to view flash cards created by others to get an idea of how they can be done.


When you click on the “Create Flash Cards” option, you will see a window like the one above. Start by giving the titles to your flash cards and add keywords or tags if you want. Give the appropriate description to the flash cards and then you can start making your flash cards one by one.

There are many options that users can configure to differentiate the flash cards from others. Users can change the colors of the cards, change the font and font size and make other minor changes that can help differentiate each the cards from others.

Visit ProProf Flash Cards.

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