Create ShortURL Easily Using Copy ShortURL [Firefox addon]

In the era of Social media, URL shorteners play an important role. People love to share short links via website like Twitter which accepts only 140 characters. There are many URL shorteners present such as tinyurl,,, etc. But going to these websites and shortening URL is a tiresome job.

If you want to save your time of converting long URL into short, then you can use a nifty Firefox extension known as Copy ShortURL. It checks for short URL in the header of the page, if found, it copies the ShortURL to the clipboard. If not found then it instantly creates a short url at tinyURL and copies it to the clipboard.


To use this service, install the Firefox addon. After restarting your browser, open any webpage for which you want to create a short URL. Right click on the page and select the option “Copy ShortURL” from the context menu.

Here is the screenshot of the page source of a WordPress weblog (it use URL shortener). You can see that the shortlink ( present in the page source.


Similarly you can shorten and copy link of any page on the clipboard. After copy the short URL paste it anywhere you want. To paste the link you can use “Ctrl+V” keyboard shortcut.

Download CopyShortURL Firefox extension.

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