Cringo is a Fantastic Facebook Application for Cricket Quiz Lovers

If you are cricket fanatic who don’t even want to miss this game on your favorite site Facebook then here’s a fantastic application for you known as Cringo. You can make runs, lose wickets and many more other things by using your knowledge of Cricket game.

All you have to do is go to this page and start playing game by clicking on “Click Here” button. This game also gives you feel of famous fortune game “Bingo” as slips with numbers are involved.

You’ll be assigned a ticket having few numbers on it. Also you have to choose your favorite game scenario. Suppose you choose “Asia Cup” then you’ll get questions related to ongoing Asia Cup. Similarly if you click on “Saluting Sachin” icon then you’ll get questions related to Sachin Tendulkar. Cool, isn’t it.

You have to click on “Start Game” button to start the game. Here I selected “Asia Cup IND-PAK” as quiz scenario.

A random number will appear on your screen. You have to check whether that number is in your slip or not. If yes then click on “Yes, Ask me question” button. A new question will appear with multiple choices of answer. You have to click on correct answer. There are waivers like 50:50 life line and buying player using coins.

If you give a wrong answer, you lose a wicket.

Right answer means 10 Runs.

On every right answer, corresponding number on slip will automatically get crossed. As soon as all the number get crossed, your game will finished and score will appear on top left.

If you complete first level, you’ll be redirected to a second level where you can select one new quiz scenario.

This game not only provides lots of cricket fun but also lots of cricket knowledge too. This fantastic cricket app is developed by sports enthusiastic Playup India team.

Check out Cringo.

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