Custom Firmware Guide For iPhone Users


If you have a smartphone , I can bet you must have come across “Custome Firmware” term a hundred times while searching about your phone. What exactly is a Custom Firmware? What does it do? Do we really need it? If we do, how do we get it? What are the pros and cons ? I will try and decode the deeper meaning of what we call custom firmware.

First let me ask you , are you familiar with the concept of a firmware? It is nothing but a small program which controls an electronic device, in this case ,our smartphones. You can say a firmware is synonymous with software ,but that does not mean they are the same. Just for your better understanding , you can relate the functionality of a firmware to that of a software.

Now as the name suggests , ‘custom’ firmware’. It is nothing but a modified code. Someone takes the original firmware code , and modifies it to ones own whims and fancies. Of course there is a way to modify it, but its not for everyone. Let the hackers do their work and we shall enjoy the final fruit.
A modified firmware, as in the code of the firmware when changed , does no harm to your device yet increases its productivity and what not. You can run all kinds of third party applications and do things which your phones original firmware wouldn’t allow you to.


If you are an iOS user, you must have come across these names , sn0wbreeze, r3dsn0w , greenpoisi0n and other names like these. What do you think they are ? Nothing but software which cook custom firmware for your idevice. To be clearer , when you jailbreak your idevice, you use these software to make a custom firmware, which when installed on your phone, jailbreaks it. Now we all are familiar with the beauty of jailbreaking a device and hence we can now be sure of what custom firmware is and what all it can do.


If done properly, that is everything impeccably , custom firmware will seamlessly integrate with your phone, but if there is any problem while installing it, trust me when I say this, you can brick your device, it has happened with me, so its tried and tested 😉 . So I would suggest you all, if you go in for a custom firmware, then get it done from someone whose familiar with all this. And one more thing, a custom firmware file ,is different for every custom firmware. A vs 4.3.1 custom firmware file, if installed on any other firmware , will nearly brick your device, so be careful.

Now that the word of caution is given, I can advice you all to go in for this, because once its done, it changes your smartphones experience. Hope this clears all the ambiguity surrounding custom firmware, for any other query, feel free to comment.

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