Cut The Rope Experiments iPhone Game is Here

Cut the rope most definitely falls into the list of most popular iPhone games just like Doodle jump and Angry birds. In fact most of us have spent hours on end trying to feed the froggy the jelly when doing absolutely nothing. For all those cut the rope enthusiasts, cut the rope is out with a new version called cut the rope experiments.

Cut the rope experiments come with 75 brand new stages played never before, a new character in the mad scientist and various brand new flicks and tricks. The game is set across 3 different tiers and introduces various new gameplay elements which are fun and intuitive.


As pretty much expected the first stage of the game is pretty tough as compared to the older version Cut the rope, its way more challenging and requires even more accurate timing and correct amount of patience to complete the level. In fact, the first level is partially just the revision of the previous games.

The game is currently released on the IOS platform for iPod Touch, iPhone and the iPad but it is soon expected to arrive on Android too. The UI is brilliant just like the previous version of the game but the addition of elements such as rope shooters, trampolines and suction cups makes this one even more fun. The game has absolutely no lag and it was a nice experience revisiting the good old days of Cut the rope.


You can download the game for $1.29 for your iPhone while it would set you back around $1.50 for the HD variant for your iPad from the App Store.

[via Addictive Tips].

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