CyanogenMod 11 For Android One Smartphones is now Available

CyanogenMod has been the go to third party ROM for most of the Android users who are looking to fiddle and add on a custom ROM to their devices. Right from CM 9 to CM 10 and then most recently, CM 11, CyanogenMod has added value as well as features, despite keeping the look of Android pretty much Vanilla as we like it. Ability to change themes as well as countless customizations make CM 11 a worthy replacement for your Android smartphone, and no wonder the likes of OnePlus One come with the Operating System right out of the box.

CM 11 Android One

The recently announced Android One Series in India, which aims to put an Android phone with guaranteed updates in the hands of those who are looking for a budget smartphone, has received the first unofficial port of CM 11. It did not take the developers much time for finding out how to root and install custom recovery on all the three Android One devices, and post that the community has found the way to bring CM 11 to the devices too. Obviously the port is still in Beta stage and despite that, most of the important features are working.

The only features not working are the Dual SIM support and 3G/2G Internet connectivity are an issue so far. It is also being reported that the battery performances are a bit erratic so far. Micromax has already teamed up with CyanogenMod to release the CM 11 running Micromax device in India, and as a result, you can expect maybe the official port of the CM 11 to come to some of these Android One phones. You can visit the threads here to download the flashable zip files of CM 11 for your Android One devices.

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