Cynogenmod: Best ROM for your Rooted Android

Rooting your Android smartphone basically means getting access as the administrator to the system files and then being able to play with them and tweak them. Rooting a device can be a treacherous task and one that involves the risk of bricking your device horribly. And since most of these are system files, there is no margin of error. However, if you have successfully rooted your device the immediate next question is selecting which ROM to get?

There are plenty of ROMs out there, MIUI, Oxygen, Super AOSP just to mention a few but there are usually one or two glaring weakness in most of them. The most complete ROM i found while testing a plathora of them definitely is the Cynogenmod 7 ROM or commonly known as CM7. It is light weight, rapidly fast, provides you with stock android aesthetics and improves the battery. You could also flash a custom kernel if you wish to overclock or underclock your device. You can see our post explaining what is over and under clocking here.

The stock launcher is the ADW launcher and there is also a lot of customizing options especially as there are three different forms of lockscreens available. There is also an option of using gesture control on the lockscreen which is cool. The custom most definitely made me feel that the phone is lighter and way quicker despite no overclocking.

To apply CM7 follow these simple steps, you must have your Android device rooted for this process mind you.

1) Download the correct version of CM7 from here for your device:

2) Reboot your phone in recovery mode.

3) Select wipe and clear the devlik cache and all other data. Mind you this process deletes your internal memory so make sure you take a backup of it beforehand using titanium backup pro or similar app.

4) Go back, and select install .zip from sd card and point to the location you have the new rom which is a .zip file and click on it and wait for installation to finish.

5) Reboot your phone and it would reboot with the new ROM and you would have to set up your Phone all over again.

This is most definitely the most stable and light ROM out there for your device. I would again mention, this process is potentially harmful for your device so avoid if you do not know what you are doing. We take no responsibility for your device bricking.

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