Dabangg on YouTube: Is it the Start of New Era?

I was surprised by watching the photo uploaded by Digital Inspiration on its Facebook page. Bollywood latest movie Dabangg on YouTube! Great move by Reliance Home Video. According to this report of Hindustan Times:

After the success of Dabangg on home video, Reliance Home Video will now release the movie on YouTube. The full movie will be telecast on youtube.com/dabanggthefilm on January 27, and will be available for free viewing to audiences in India.

Previously there were rumors that YouTube is going to start pay channel (pay per download) for Bollywood movies. But that never happened. Of course there is a YouTube Bollywood channel available to watch free movies but that features old movies only. Dabangg is a first Indian movie on an advertisement supported model released on YouTube India.

If you resides outside India then you’ll be disappointed because this channel is only available in India. May be shields can help you.

This is only a start. We expect more movies to be featured on YouTube because number of Indian internet users are growing with rapid rate. Waiting for a day when Bollywood movie will release on YouTube along with theater release. But who’ll handle the piracy?

Dabangg on YouTube via Digital Inspiration.

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  1. It’s a good start from Youtube.. Though this should have happened long back when youtube released it’s bollywood channel.. Good to see latest edition within time.. Lets hope to see more movies in the list soon…

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