DailyScreenshot Takes Screenshot of Any Website Daily

If you are one of the webmaster r an avid reader of any blog of website then the idea of screenshot archive of that site would be really a great idea. DailyScreenshot service does exactly the same. It takes screenshot of your favorite site’s home page and archive it so that you can see what changes appear on which day in a past. It’s a nice way to remember the old memories of your favorite sites.

This service is extremely easy to use. To start with the service you have to sign with it. All you need to give is your email ID. No other detail is required while sign up. Next you need to enter the address of your favorite website or blog. After you fill the detail just wait for the service to generate a screenshot of a day.


After a screenshot is generated, a screenshot along with a calendar will appear on the screen. You can click on a date to see the particular screenshot generated on that day. By using these screenshot you can also analyze the changes appear on your site. And this can help you to bring more improvement to your site.

This service comes absolutely free but there are some limitations in the free service. The free service offers you screenshots with watermark. There is also a paid version of web app is available by using which you can get benefits like no watermarks, track unlimited pages, high-quality PNG output, and unlimited data retention.

Check out DailyScreenshot.

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