Daum PotPlayer is a Perfect VLC Media Player Alternative

There are a number of media players out there. Almost every day a new player is introduced. Daum PotPlayer is another one of those players that attempts to compete with the likes of VLC Media Player or even Media Player Classic and it does quite a good job of it too.


The installation does not take more than a few seconds. Daum Player has its own codec pack so you don’t have to go snooping around for codecs to play your files on it. The player can play a wide range of files and is fast, reliable and has very few reported crashes unlike Vlc which is known for crashing on most systems.

All the options are available on the front window of the player. It is extremely neat to look at and is lightweight, some qualities that are essential for a media player. For advanced options, just click on the Daum logo on the top left corner of the player and you can configure options like the player being on top always or while playing, hiding the mouse sursor while playing etc. You can even configure the player to shutdown at a specified time or even after you have finished playing your media files. The player has equalizer settings to suit your needs.

So if you’re looking for something different on your computer to play your media files, then Daum would be a safe place to start.

Download Daum PotPlayer.

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  1. I like the player a lot!
    The only problem I have to report is that it seems to prevent youtube from working when running…
    Not game-breaking but annoying none the less

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