DayDream for Chrome Lets you Focus on your Five Most Important Tasks

We all make our daily list of tasks that we need to accomplish. It is a totally different thing, half of this stuff ends up being procrastinated to the next day, but we all do make a list. And one of the reasons why half the work we plan is not accomplished is because we are too caught up surfing the web for things that are not productive like cat videos. DayDream is a lifesaver in this situation.


This extension for Chrome basically replaces the default screen when you open a new tab on Chrome. Here, you have to enter five tasks that you wish to accomplish that day. This is helpful as you always have in front of you the things that are pending for the day, warning you before you spend that one precious hour on Reddit away. The extension also allows you to edit the tasks or even delete them so that you can fit in even more than five tasks. Once the task is complete you can click on the finish button on the tab to achieve a sense of accomplishment.

There is also a focus mode here that basically allows you to enter just one major task so that it is always in front of your eyes every time you open a new tab on your Chrome Browser. The extension is available for free from the Chrome Webstore and there are not too many settings that you can fiddle around with. The extension is simple and easy way to boost your productivity.

Download DayDream for Chrome here

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