Decoding the IP Rating of Smartphones

The year 2014 while remains the struggle of specs and performances, the major OEMs are fighting on another vertical which is pretty interesting. The new vertical is making the smartphones, you and I use to be dustproof and water proof. This eliminates the problem of water damage and truly makes the smartphone a companion for rough weather conditions.

Several smartphones in the recent past, most notably the Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z1/ Z2 have been advertising themselves to be IP 55/58 or so certified. So, what exactly does this IP mean and what does it mean for your smartphone that you might want to take out in the crisis time of mother nature?

IP stands for Ingress Protection and the IP Scale or IP Code basically tells you to what extent is your smartphone protected against external agents such as water, dust or even mechanical force. While the third component, that is mechanical force is not a part of standard writing, the first two i.e. protection against solid dust and liquid definitely are, and that is what constitutes the first two digits of the IP rating.

For example,the Galaxy S5 is rated at IP 67, which means it scores 6 on the scale of solid intrusion scale and 7 on the liquid scale. So what exactly do these figures indicate? They indicate resistance to the effluents which are defined below:

IP First Number IP Second NumberVia


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