Decrease Desktop Clutter on Windows Using Aqua Snap

Do you have a habit of keeping many windows open on your desktop and then ending up getting totally lost a to what you were doing? Aqua Space is a lightweight utility that helps arrange your open windows neatly on your desktop so you don’t get confused or lost in the clutter. Each window can be placed exactly where you want and Aqua space will arrange them for you so you can view all of them at once.


The app comes in an installer as well as a portable app. You can download whichever you like. Once installed, the app attaches itself to your startup menu. You can always configure it to not start automatically if your startup is too crowded. But this app might be something that you will want to have access to all the time. So, once installed, the app will detect whenever you are dragging a window on your desktop and will custom fit the windows according to what suits the user.

Aqua Snap comes with many neat aero tweaks. Right click on the icon at startup and go to settings. There you have many options like:

1. Aqua Glass, which when activated makes the window transparent when you move it so that you can see the windows under it. You can set the transparency accordingly.


2. Aqua Shake, a neat option where in if you shake one window, then all the other windows get minimized or if you shake a window, it will always remain at the top.


3. Aqua Snap, where you can customize how the windows should be organized on your desktop. You can select from the preset options or create a custom style of your own.


4. Aqua Stretch, where you can drag the edge of a window to the end of the screen and the window will arrange itself within that area.


So this is quite a nice tool to help you arrange your desktop and avoid cluttering of windows.

Download Aqua Snap here

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