Delay the Loading of Link in New Tab untill You Switch to it using Silent Tab on Firefox

Most of us are in a habit of having at least 30 tabs open at the same time. I find it next to impossible to recall when was the last time, when I had less than 20 tabs open. While, barely half of these tabs are for any productive work, given the massive dive into the world of Social Media means, at least 6/7 tabs are dedicated to this purpose. However, if you are on a slow-ish internet, having tabs open in the background when you have clicked to open them can really slow the work down.


This is where an interesting extension from Firefox called Silent Tab comes in. The extension is available for absolutely free. It works without a glitch and basically does not load up a website unless and until you open the tab and make it your active tab. This essentially means that you can Simply open a new link in the new tab, and while the tab will open, the link will only load up if the tab is activated. To do this, you will see the moment you install the extension a new option is added to your right click menu within Firefox.

Simply right click on the link and select the option of opening the new tab in Silent Tab. You can open as many silent tabs as you wish to as there are no limits set by the extension. The extension will only show the URL of the new tab and not the site name, which easily allows you to distinguish which is a silent tab and which one is not, making the whole process really simple. While the extension may not have too many switches to play around, but the extension does its job silently without causing any fuss.

Via: Addictive Tips

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