Dell to stay with its PC Business

Dell has confirmed that they are in no mood to back down from its personal computing business unlike arch rival HP who did the same in August this year. Michael Dell in an interview to financial times assured the fans that the company will continue to provide PC experience to it users and has no plans like HP. It is no surprise that Dell would love to stay because now the road is sweet as sugar for them.

This is what Michael Dell said in an exclusive interview with Financial Times

We believe the devices and the hardware still matter as part of the complete, end-to-end solution.

Interestingly Dell is still not the largest vendor of PC’s in the world. HP who bid adieu to the PC market enjoys an 18.1 % share in the market where as Dell is number 2 with 12.9% of the total market share.

So HP’s decision to drop its PC business will turn out to be a perfect story for Dell and it could well be said that HP gifted the top spot to Dell without letting them fight for it. Dell has already started capitalizing on this opportunity and the company also has a firm grip on the Asian market including China and India.

So with Dell deciding to stay, all those who have a Dell PC can still keep the smiles on their face. Had HP stayed what would you have bought HP or Dell?

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