Desktoppr Uses Dropbox to Sync Wallpaper on Your Desktop

It is a well researched fact that desktop wallpapers affect your mood. That’s why Windows and Mac computer has bright and good looking high resolution default wallpapers. But sticking on a single wallpaper is not a good idea because it becomes boring to see the same wallpaper again and again.

But changing wallpapers is also not an easy task as you need to download good looking wallpapers first and then apply them one by one. There are various wallpaper sync tools available which automatically download and sync wallpapers to your computer. But here we are not going to discuss any of them. We are going to describe a web application Desktoppr that automatically syncs and applies wallpapers on a daily basis by using Dropbox account. Cool, isn’t it?

To use this application you need to sign up with your email ID. After sign up, you’ll receive a code in your mailbox. Copy that code and go to Desktoppr again to complete your sign up process.

Once the sign up is completed, you can link your Dropbox account with this app. You can check your Dropbox folder (Dropbox > Apps > Desktoppr) to check the synced wallpapers. All the synced folders will be automatically uploaded to your online account. When you move any wallpaper to Dropbox folder, it would automatically be uploaded to your web account.

Now, right click on your desktop and select “Personalization”. Now go to “Desktop Background” and select the picture location as “Desktoppr”. Select the shuffle time and start using this application.

Check out Desktoppr.

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