Destroy Any Website by Playing Game With This Chrome Extension

Some websites on the internet can seem really frustrating for some and users would just like to see it being destroyed and blown to bits. Destroy the Web is a cool extension for both Google Chrome and Firefox which makes destroying a website into a game where you have to destroy elements on a page as quickly as you can within the allotted time.

destroy the web

Simply install the extension onto your browser and whenever you want to start playing the game, open a website that you don’t like, click on the Destroy the Web icon and you can start playing. Click on the various elements on the webpage to destroy them and you have to do this in the least amount of time and destroy as many elements as possible within the allotted time. This is a really fun way to kill some time if you’re feeling bored just sitting around with the internet on but have nothing to do.

destroy the web1

You can submit your score and view and compare your score with other users who are playing the game. The app also plays sounds while you are shooting elements on a page to make it feel more competitive so you’ll keep going again and again to try and improve your score.

Download Destroy the Web for Chrome and Firefox.

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