DGCA Issues a Show Cause Notice against at least 130 Jet Airways Pilots

At least 130 pilots of the leading private airlines of India, Jet Airways were issued a show cause notice by the DGCA, the aviation ruling authority of India after they had found that thee pilots continued to fly despite having not taken the mandatory Pilot Proficiency Tests. DGCA wants to know why should it not cancel the flying licences of 141 pilots, as reported, who did not take the test which is mandatory to be cleared every six months.

Jet Airways

Not just the pilots, the Chief Training Officer of Jet Airways was also sent the notice after it was found that the training methods devised were not adequate. All this came to the scanner after DGCA had ordered a three man independent team to audit Jet Airways after it was found that due to the slackness of the flying crew a Jet Airways plane had plunged more than 5000 feet while operating on the regular Brussels and Mumbai route unannounced.

Jet Airways on their part deny receiving any such notice from the DGCA and say that their training very much complies with the standards set by DGCA and the other International civil aviation authorities. The spokesperson added that in case of any slack, however minor, it would e willing to work with DGCA and its findings as the safety of its passengers and crew remains of paramount importance to them.

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