Dial a Phone Number Directly from the Control Center of your iPhone using this Tweak

There are several ways of dialing a phone number in your iPhone. You can search for a contact in the spotlight on top and select the right contact and directly press on it to make a phone call, you can also go to the phone app directly and dial the number. If you have the Launch app, it can be really handy to make quick calls to your contacts or bring the dialpad up too. Not just that, you can use the contact app too. So there are already enough ways to make a phone call on your iPhone. But what if you want more?


This is where a Cydia tweak named Addial comes in handy. It is a unique tweak that basically allows you to dial right from the Control Center of your iPhone. This means, you do not have to go within any application and can access your dialer from anywhere by just swipping up from the bottom of the display without having to quit your current app. The tweak adds in a small dial icon in the middle of the last row, which you can press to bring up the dialer. You also get the icons of Adding Contact as well as making call directly which flanks the dial button in the Control Center.

Adding this tweak means you can access the dialpad from the lockscreen of your iPhone too depending upon your security settings and that may be a bit of a bother in case you are mindful of such things. The tweak is available in the insanelyi repo for absolutely free.

Via: Addictive Tips

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