Do you Know Someone Might be Accessing your Macbook Webcam without you knowing it?

Yes, the headline of the post might sound scary and may even send shivers down your spine, just to sound a little dramatic. Putting the facade aside, this actually may well be true. We are all well aware that if someone is running the webcam on their Macbook, a small green light goes on indicating the use of the camera. However, what if, without the light being on, the camera is functioning thanks to someone hacking into your system?


According to a report published in The Washington Post, a research study on the 2008 version of Macbooks has shown that anyone with the right amount of knowledge and experience can hack into the machine and turn the webcam of the device on without the LED indicator and in a way keep an eye on you. To make things worse, one of the users was actually spied upon by his classmate while clicking pictures with not so good intentions.

It is clear that this trick is not just exclusive to Macintosh computers, and actually works on Windows devices too. Although, in a Mac the Webcam and the LED are programmed in a way that one doesnt work without triggering the other, you can actually discover how to do that in an interesting paper called “iSeeYou: Disabling the MacBook Webcam Indicator LED.” Remote Admin Tools might be one of the issues how one can hack into the systems. Whatever the case maybe, this is indeed scary stuff.

Via: Technobuffalo/ Washington post

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