Digital download for PS Vita to be Cheaper

Rumors are that Sony is planning to make the digital downloads for PS Vita 40% cheaper than the retail version in the market. Although cheaper games will benefit the gamers, for the digital format games you must have a large memory card.
The pricing on PS Vita’s games are expected to be around $40 mark, and a 40% discount will give a $16 discount leaving the price to be around $ 24. However the memory cards on PS vita won’t be cheap, for a 32 GB card you will have to shed $120, for 16 GB the pricing is kept at $70 while 8GB and 4GB cards can be brought at $ 45 and $30 respectively. Since PS Vita is prices at $250 for Wi-fi only version and $299 for Wi-fi and 3G version, the cards can be considered somewhat expensive.

For, heavy gamers it’s a pretty good deal. Considering the fact that you save $16 for each game, 8 purchases will save you enough money to buy a 32GB memory card. If you love to download a lot of games, you’ll eventually have to buy another of these cards.
If you save money on games and spend it on buying cards, in a way you save money on a gaming company’s game and spend it on Sony’s product. A price drop in Japan has already been confirmed, with difference in prices around 20% but a 40% drop in price in the US might not work out. Retailers might have an issue with this as such discounts will keep people out of the retail stores and the only company which is going to benefit from this scenario will be Sony itself.

The rumors are yet to be confirmed by Sony. Will you prefer downloading the games if there is a significant amount of discount on them?

[via Technobuffalo].

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