How To Disable Chrome Password Manager

Chrome password manager may turned out to be biggest security loophole as it doesn’t ask for any passkey if anyone wants to see all the the saved password. It means if you are using Google Chrome and save all the passwords inside your browser then anyone can visit the password manager easily and break into your web accounts. It is better not to use it. The other alternative of Chrome password manager is Xmarks password manager which comes inbuilt in amazing extension Xmarks.

To disable the inbuilt password manager in Google Chrome, click on the wrench icon at the top right. Click on Options.

chrome options

Go to the Personal Stuff tab and select the option “Never save passwords” under Password section. Then click the Clsoe button given at the bottom.


That’s it. Now Chrome won’t ask you to save your password everytime you login into any new web service. If you want to use password manager for your browser then we recommend Xmarks Chrome extension, here’s a nice guide to setup and use Xmarks.

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