Disable “Firefox is updated” Page with a Simple Tweak

Firefox has been ahead of the Chrome browser all this while but now Chrome is really starting to gain up on the FireFox. One of the probable reasons for this happening could be Firefox’s annoying habit of opening a new page to notify users about something obvious.

Like for example, a well known and annoying habit of the Firefox browser is to open a “Your Firefox is up to date” window every time it is updated. Like we don’t know that!! You can stop Firefox from doing this ever again with a simple About:Config Tweak.

Here’s how its done:

1. First open your browser and in the address bar type in: About:Config.

2. After pressing enter, your browser will give you a warning. Just promise Firefox you’ll be carefull and move on.

config promise

3. Now, you will see a list of commands that are used by Firefox.

browser config

In this window, search for: browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone

4. When it is filtered, double click on it and set it to ignore.

config ignore

Once this is done, Firefox will never open a new notification page whenever it updates. You can go about your job like you normally do!!

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