Discovering leadership style by assessing the choices of meal

I am not a big foodie, neither do I write a lot about food or related stuff. However, this blog is about something that is unique and unheard of! And you can very well guess that it is about something related to food. I was invited to an HR summit organised in the city by one of the leading meal benefit solutions brand, Sodexo. The reason for asking me to attend the event? Sodexo had come up with a unique concept of discovering leadership style, and boy, it reassured me about mine. The company had infused AR with a MultiTactio table, which lets users discover their leadership style by choosing different dishes from the available options.

I am sure you’d be intrigued to know more! So was I, and hence my decision to visit the event. The technology though sounds a bit complicated and unimaginable, is very easy to use. The centrepiece of this technology was MultiTaction table, which was a huge display (like a LED panel) that was touch responsive and had the UI of that helps managers/directors discover their leadership styles. It’s actually a nifty piece of tech that works soon after you swipe your Sodexo meal benefits card. After doing so, the intuitive UI directs you to a virtual menu that further lets you decide the components of your meal.

You get to choose dishes from starters, mains and desserts along with refreshment drinks – and doing so can help you decode your leadership style! Who’d have thought of a day like this, when you could understand more about your leadership traits by delving deeper in your eating choices and preferences. Any how I was excited to test this myself and see how well I know myself! Having doubts initially, the technology did not disappoint in processing and making the correct assessment.

Besides this, the company also introduced its newest, technologically advanced meal card that can be customised as per your needs. The card assures the data security due to chosen loop networks. The card improves the purchasing power of the employees, helps them in tax saving up to Rs. 12000/- per annum and increases their sense of belonging and productivity.  The high tech card can also be personalised according to the user and has the PIN access to add another layer of security. It is accepted across large food chains and local grocery stores with added value deals and discounts to make their users worth their experience.

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