Display Recorder Lets You Record Your iPhone Screen Easily

We all love to play around our iPhones and more often than not end up doing something just out of accident which is pretty great. However, then to explain to friends or relatives how to do it can be a little cumbersome since we may not remember it really and that could be embarrassing, so here is a nice tweak for your device that lets you to record the happening on your screen of the iPhone.

Display recorder is like a ton of screen recorders for windows which basically lets you to record the happenings on your springboard.

Display recorder lets you to record your iPhone screen in real time. With display recorder you can record all the real time happenings on your iPhone screen, this is particularly useful if you want to share a process with your friends or just give a demo of what you just did on your device.

This tweak is though only available for people who are using a jailbroken device therefore you must have Cydia installed on your phone or iPad to get this. Getting this tweak is as simple as applying butter on bread, just in the search bar type display recorder and install the tweak and come out of Cydia!


Some of the impressive list of features of this application are:

  • Records directly to high quality AVI
  • Web interface to manage recordings
  • On-device YouTube uploading
  • Adjustable framerate & quality settings
  • Hardware accelerated video encoding
  • Activator integration for quick access
  • Remote control via web interface

Though Display recorder cost $4.99 in Cydia but it is well worth it because it lets you record the video for unlimited length and can directly export the video to Youtube directly.

[via iphonedownloadblog].

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  1. Just bought this app for $4.99 and now trying to figure out the shortcut keys..Sleep button once and all..Might take some time…Sad that it doesn’t record audio.!!
    Though Web interface option is good for quickly downloading file without connecting wire…Else upload directly to youtube..!!

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