Distress Calling Will Come to India in 2016 with Users Needed to Just Dial 9

Safety has always been a big agenda for any political party competing in India. And while every new government has tried to make a stamp of authority and made promises about the safety of its citizens, not a lot of them have taken any real measures for the same. With crimes at an all time high today, it is only sensible that the current government is taking what looks like a stand and providing its citizens some security. Starting, March of 2016, everyone in India will be able to make a distress call by long pressing the number 9 on their mobile keypads.

Dial 9

Irrespective of the fact where you are, whether you have enough signal or not, you will be able to long press 9 on your phone if you are in a spot of bother. This will immediately send across your location coordinates as well as phone number to your near and dear ones as well as the police authorities which would allow them to track you. The service will be available both on a smartphone as well as a feature phone. The government has already teamed up with the telecom operators as well as the network providers to get the service rolled out from the new year.

This is definitely great news for the women as well as for the people who are living in the rural areas as they have been crying out for a one tap solution for a while. How successful it is, in terms of working can only be commented upon when the entore program is live.

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