DNS Angel Blocks Malicious, Phishing and Malware websites Automatically

If you have kids in your family who use computer on daily basis then chances of getting attacked by malware is more because your kids don’t have idea about websites and if they mistakenly open any bad website which is malicious or phishing website. This will result in security breach and increased vulnerability.

You can use any good antivirus program to protect your PC but what if you don’t want your kids to open those malicious websites. Move over to DNS Angel, a best solution to block unwanted sites by applying family filter.


This tool comes with 3 different DNS settings which blocks adult websites, Malicious sites ,Phishing sites, and malware websites. This tool also allows you to see your current DNS and its status.dns_angel


The main feature of this tool is that it comes with portable version. You don’t need to install this tool on your computer. Just double click and it will work like a charm. Additionally, it comes with automatic flush DNS feature. You can easily restore previous DNS settings by click on a button. It’s easy and effective.

Download DNS Angel to block unwanted websites.

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