Do you believe in mass Twitter follow for Twitter marketing

Twitter is emerging as a great marketing tool for social media and marketers. This is the reason why people wants to reach as many mass as they can. Thats why they follow the people on Twitter blindly. There are some great tools from the help of which anyone can follow those who follow them.


Twitter makers also aware of this blind spam and they already make a rule according to which no user can follow more than 1000 peoples on Twitter daily. Though 1000 profiles are also enough for Twitter marketers. They try more and more to increase number of followers by adding lots of people. There are not only one reason of following masses. The more important factors for following lots of people on Twitter blindly, these are few important ones: Marketing, making money online, online reputation, traffic.

But it is really very effective to follow lots and lots of people on Twitter? People think that following lots of people brings lots of followers because many followers using auto follow tool which automatically follow those people who follow you. They think that this is the way of bringing lots and lots of traffic to their blogs/websites. But the reality is beyond that.

In real if you are following more and more people you are actually harming your website. You are creating lots of noise on your profile which is absolutely not useful for you.

The key point behind following anyone is that the person you follow should have some online reputation. The person should not me spammer, automatons or self promoter. These person have no interest in your Tweets, they can’t bother to RT your article. They tweet automatically different site feeds. These peoples are the real spammers who are self minded persons. There goal is to promote their product.

How to choose a followers?

This is a very important question, don’t bother to follow anyone on Twitter, try to follow those who belongs to your niche having good Twitter reputation. Try to make a list of strong and influential persons on the web. Try to choose those peoples who are really valuable to you(whose Tweets are important to you and vice-versa).  These persons will make your profile stronger because if they RT your article, it will automatically gain popularity by distribution.

How to search such Twitter users

Try to search a keyword in which is suitable for your niche. Suppose your niche is Blogging, search a term Blogging in a Twitter real-time search engine, try to follow the tweets of the persons. From there you can get the relevant user. Try to follow the most important persons in your Niche. In my niche the most important persons are Darren Rowse, Daniel Scooco, John Chow, Jeremy Schoemaker etc. I try to track the tweets of these people and also notice the persons who are retweeting their articles. This way I track the person to follow.


Following 100000 spammers is less effective than following 1000 effective persons, because their Tweets are important to you and you can grow your profile more strongly. Believe in Twitter marketing but never believe in spam. Your profile will automatically become strong and you can get everything you want to do i.e. money, followers, marketing, exposure, etc.

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5 Responses

  1. I have no idea of twitter. But this is more trust base marketing. Which takes lots of time and dedication.
    .-= Rahul´s last blog ..Lunascape Web Browser Review =-.

  2. This is the most common mistake by any new bie twitter users and even I made the same mistake.. I followed 4K ppl in 10 days and almost 80% of ppl followed me back…
    Now what happened…is I have lots of followers (Non targeted one ) and more over more noise in my twitter time line…
    Worst thing that happened is I missed most of imp tweets and later in I started unfollowing such people who does not and whose tweets does not make sense to me..
    Nice one Himanshu!!
    .-= Harsh Agrawal´s last blog ..Download Free Premium WordPress theme :What’s the Catch? =-.

  3. I m the latest instance of this .If you have recently joined Twitter, you might be wondering how to find and follow Twitter users.Building a Twitter network takes time and you will learn to pick and choose the people you want to follow.
    Go to Twitter Grader and discover the best professionals, listed at the top of each list.
    good one !!!
    .-= bipin´s last blog ..New Kawasaki Ninja 250R has been launched =-.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more on this one. I see people with huge followings, but doubt anyone ever listens to them. It’s all about selectively following people.

    When I had my follow back policy, I got worn out sifting through countless useless tweets that did me no good. I’m definitely on the “selective follower boat” just like you. I’m not afraid to unfollow people for tweeting stuff I don’t like too. If you spam enough junk, I’ll just unfollow. Nice and easy 🙂
    .-= Blake @ Props Blog Reviews´s last blog ..Improve Your WordPress Skills With Website-In-A-Weekend =-.

  5. I was nt active on twitter from long time..but recently harsh of SML told me some good trickes of twitter ..So i start following that and just 60 ppl joined me in 2 days..but i still dont beleive much in twitter marketing
    .-= ankit @ All About India´s last blog ..10 Interesting facts to know about India =-.

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