How to Get Blue Or Red iPhone 4

iPhone is still without a doubt the most famous and still probably the best selling smartphone out there in the market today. Most of us so far have been restricted to seeing only the black and white versions of the iPhone 4.

However, the people at iFixdirect  have promised to change your iPhone into some of these vibrant colors. They also claim to be coming out with a clear plate so you could see right through your iPhone. These are definitely not Apple accessories so going for one of these conversions would definitely void your warranty, but seeing a good record of the people at iFixdirect, this seems like a great alternative to the boring two colors of the iPhone. If you see the devices they are exactly how they come out of Apple and some of the people who have had their devices converted have never had a complaint or any such issue to report.

The first bit of doubt in my mind was that with the signal issues would tampering like this make things even worse, but that definitely does not seem the case so you can totally go ahead and trust them to do a great job.

To demonstrate that these phones do exist and work like a charm , here is a video of Jon Rettinger from technobuffalo exhibiting these cool devices

With Apple shipping ipod nano and shuffle in various different coulors, would you like to see the company try something like that with the iphone too? If so, which would be your color choice? Do let us know.

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