Do You Know About These Incredible Features of Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy SIII comes with plenty of amazing features. No other phone in the World can come near to it if we talk about number of features. But as the device is 6 months old now, users have started getting bored and want some more new features (may be they experienced new features of Galaxy Note II device).

Samsung knows about this demand and it added several new features in the flagship device with premium suite upgrade for Samsung Galaxy S III. This upgrade consists of features which enhance your mobile experience. It gives the boost to image accessibility, camera enhancements, multi tasking with applications, lock screen features, amazing face detection speech technology and many more.

Check out the two videos to know more about the upgrade:

Premium Suite Upgrade for Galaxy SIII (Part 1)

This includes features such as Page buddy, contextual menu, contextual tags, multi window, reader mode, Facebook ticker in lock mode.


Premium Suite Upgrade for Galaxy SIII (Part 2)

This upgrade consists of features such as low light camera features, best face feature, paper artist (inspired from paper camera Android app), camera easy snap, sound balance.

So these are the features included in your Samsung Galaxy SIII phone. These features comes with the new OTA update. After update the build number changed to JZO54K.I9300XXELKC.

If you don’t get any update on your device then no need to worry. Samsung is rolling out updates in India, UK and USA. Just wait for it and probably it will come to all the devices in one or two weeks.

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