Do You Need 48 Hours Per Day For Blogging

Blogging is a passion work for so many people such that 24 hours are not sufficient for them. They keen to do their favorite work long and long. They don’t feel sad, angry or never show sign of tiredness. I see from my day to day experience, there are many bloggers who try to give maximum output a day.

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Maximum output concept

Ok , it is a nice strategy to analyze your daily work. Few years ago I read the interview of Anil Ambani, Chairman of ADA Group, he told in his interview that after the end of every day before going to sleep , he analyze all his work, all the output of the day. The same technique applied for the bloggers too. Blogging should analyzed on the daily basis.

How to analyze your work

I am not telling that always look on your stat, always checking your alexa rank or to install any WordPress plugin to see all your page views and wasting your time. At least you can analyze your work by checking how much articles you have written daily. Have you post any comment on blog. Are you activated on Twitter or not. Have you updated your Facebook status. Have you reply to all your visitors comment.

Basic habits of Bloggers

1) Writing Articles

2) Tweeting

3) Facebook updates

4) Commenting

5) Social media strategy (Activate on any of the social media sites like digg, stumbleupon etc.)

6) Interaction with bloggers

Apart from them there is lot more work to do but these are the basic things which must be done for a successful blogging.

Time is always less

You can’t break the law of nature. You are assigned 24 hours a day, so you never get more than that. The basic idea behind my discussion is to remind all of you about planning and goals. Planning is very necessary for the success of any blog. You can make a mind map using various software or you can make a map on a chart paper and hang it on your wall. You can make your daily schedule, and give your time to the work according to schedule.

Don’t make too much pressure on yourself

Ok, the most important point. You are not a terminator. You can’t run on battery. You are a human being having some ability. Don’t use your ability in excess otherwise it will be dangerous for you. You can met with any health related issues.

All I want to say that work smartly. Don’t put pressure on your strategy and work with a killer strategy. Never lose your patience. You will surely get success one day. Now its your turn, if you want to say anything regarding your work schedule feel free to express in comment section.

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7 Responses

  1. Hmm…
    48 hours are less for me.
    I am so addicted .
    I need 58 hours.
    .-= Chetan´s last blog ..All new Audi A8 : Next generation MMI Touch in-car infotainment system. =-.

  2. I enjoy the web without any strict routine.. but when it comes to blogging I use action machine and get my work done in a matter of minutes.. later on, I go back to random surfing 🙂
    .-= Rockstar Sid´s last blog ..Using Windows Host File to Access, Block Websites =-.

  3. I used to hustle to fulfill all tasks, but now I change and find it’s better to me: try to use time effective instead of trying to accomplish all tasks.
    .-= Phaoloo´s last blog ..What To Do When Traffic From Google Dramatically Drops =-.

  4. Some times I feel 24hrs are not sufficient.

    I think if you follow few rituals daily life will be more easy.

    Like — alot time for commenting
    alot time for social networking
    alot time for reading blogs
    alot time for blogging.

    If you respond to distractions even 48hrs will not be sufficient.
    .-= latestphonereviews´s last blog ..Goldstriker rose gold iPhone 3GS Diamond and Gucci pink diamond belt =-.

  5. A balance between various acts is necessary. Nothing must be overdone. That’s the whole magic for a success in blogging
    .-= John Samuel ´s last blog ..Difference between WordPress Tags and Categories =-.

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