Dolphin Browser: Coolest Browser For Android Mobile

Default browser in Android mobile phone comes with limited functionality. Therefore it is nice idea to download third party browser. Chrome for Android is not available now. But you can download Dolphin browser for Android which comes with some seriously nice features. It is fast, reliable and has user friendly interface.

The main features include tabbed browsing, gesture new tab navigation, password manager, automatic RSS detector, bookmark sidebar, read it later, delete all bookmarks, set as default browser option, private browsing, orientation option, keep screen On, multi touch, etc.


The browser is available in two versions: Dolphin Browser for For Cupcake(1.5) & Donut(1.6) & Dolphin Browser HD for Eclair(2.1) & Froyo(2.2).

Check out this video to know more about its features.

Overall with its interactive user interface and fast speed it is a must try browser for Android user.

Check out Dolphin Browser for Android.

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