Doodle Buddy: Paint, Draw, Scribble, Sketch On iPhone.

We all love to doodle.This app is super cute, offers an effective colouring medium for the iPhone, and it’s a whole new doodling app with an added punch.

Doodle Buddy Gold is the most fun you can have with your finger! Finger paint with your favourite colours and drop in playful stamps. Connect with a friend to draw together over the Internet.

So what exactly makes this application so special?

• Funny sounds paired with stamps are a blast!

• Doodle and stamp all over your own pictures

• Scribble inside fun stencils to draw perfect shapes. Get more stencils with Doodle Bucks!

• Text Tool with resizable text and four fonts

• Post your doodles on your Facebook page

• Draw with other users on the same WiFi network

• Text chat back and forth with your drawing buddy

• Send your drawings to friends via email

• Option to buy out ads

You start with a white screen, with a toolbar along the bottom for paint colours and brush size, some stock images running the typical gamut of smiley faces to soccer balls and animals, and a set of background templates.You will enjoy the sound effects that accompany your drawing motions or when you stamp something. Some of them are creepy, like the maniacal laughter heard when you use the widely grinning smiley icon, or the gurgly syrupy sound when you splash down a blood spatter image. The attention to detail on every stamp being given a suitable sound is quite marvelous. The drawing motions you make with your finger tip are surprisingly fluid, with none of the jerkiness you’d expect from random jolts of touchscreen interaction dying out, and doodling about proves to be a satisfying experience.

Doodle Buddy makes doodling a collective experience with its ability to seek out other Doodle Buddy users on your wi-fi search – what would any iPhone app be without social networking? So, instead of being the loner artist, branch out a little and extend a crudely drawn olive branch to a fellow doodler.

The UI is clean and simple to use. You can be rest assured that if kids are present in the house, they will just love it. The clip art, photo library, and pre-drawn backgrounds are great features to utilize.

Regardless of which device you use, Doodle Buddy is a fun way to doodle away without all the trappings and higher learning curves of more sophisticated painting applications in the App Store. It’s definitely one of the best free drawing apps out there. So go out there and bring out the artist in you. Happy doodling!!

The App can be downloaded from here.

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