Dot SmartWatch is Specifically Aimed at Visually Impaired Individuals

While the smartwatch revolution has well and truly begun, we are yet to come across a product that will set the standard for the industry. The Apple watch was supposed to do this, but with rather declining sales as the days go by, the Apple Watch has struggled to make the dent in the universe that it was expected to make. Android Wear still seems to lack the winning formula and the search for the one goes on. While the digital world is gradually taking over, one aspect that a lot of us seem to be neglecting is the wonderful world of touchscreen and OS and Wearables is strictly restricted if you have the perfect vision.


Dot is trying to change that.

Dot is a smartwatch that is specifically aimed at those who have less than perfect eyesight. It is aimed at visually impaired individuals as instead of a regular touchscreen with colors or e-paper display, the watch brings a braille display. The display basically consists of dull pins which raise and fall in order to communicate time, notifications, navigational directions and more just like any smartwatch would do.

The display also allows you to set up the refresh speed so that you can set how fast or slow are you able to follow braille and change the refresh rates accordingly. The watch can also double up as an E-Readers for the visually impaired and can be connected to your smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 technology. the watch has a battery life of about 10 hours currently and will go on sale for less than $300. For any early adopters, you will be able to pick up the watch around the December period.


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