Doubletaptoopen: Prevents You To Accidently Launch Applications in iPhone

It definitely has been a while since we wrote about a Cydia tweak. So it’s high time we attend to our iOS readers and shift our focus from Android OS.

We love the touch on all our iOS devices, be it iPod Touch or iPhone or iPad. But the only downside of this wonderful touchscreen is the fact you may end up launching a lot of applications accidently. In fact the other day I was with my friends and while scrolling through app pages I happened to launch 3 different applications on occasions which was rather irritating; it was then when i got to know about the wonderful tweak that was Doubletaptoopen.


Needless to say to use this tweak you must have your device jailbroken.

Doubletaptoopen as the name suggests makes you to tap twice on an application in order to launch it from the springboard. This is an extremely useful tweak as it makes sure that accidental touches do not launch the applications.

To get this tweak, open Cydia and let it loads its data, after that in the search bar search for Doubletaptoopen and click to install it, after it has been installed, quit Cydia and you are set to use this tweak.

Since this tweak is found in the BigBoss repo it can be downloaded for free and can be searched without adding any other repository. The only downside of Doubletaptolaunch was that it seemed rather odd; the whole double click thing and many times i just waited idly for app to open when I had just tapped once. However this tweak is really useful especially for iPad users as the screen is larger and area of contact is much greater.

You can watch this tweak in action here:

How useful did you find this tweak? Do let us know in the comments below.

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  1. outdated doesnt work with 5.1.1 dont even try it, It will screw your phone nothing opens and you cant ssh to remove it, you will? have to restore like I did

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