Download 266 Page Free Microsoft’s Internet Safety Book

Microsoft has released 255 page PDF ebook for those who are concern about internet security. The title of this book is “Own Your Space–Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online” and is written and edited by by Linda McCarthy and Denis Weldon Siviy.

This book is available online free under creative common licensing. This book is written by focusing on teens. So it is a must read for any teen who loves to work on computer and internet all the time. It is also recommended for parents and teachers to guide their kids and students about fraudulent attacks.


for every teen and essential resource for parents and teachers. This book is for those who use computer daily along with internet connection. It tells you about saving your computer from fraudlent attacks. Even if you are a power user, you will find this book useful.

This book mainly focus on saving teens from Adware, Spyware, and viruses, Also it gives awareness about social website, online predators and identity thefts, shopping online without protection, risk of webcams, etc.

There are total 17 chapters in the book. Each chapter gives information about important aspect of online security.

  • Protect your turf
  • Know your villains
  • Nasty wire
  • Hackers and crackers
  • Taking Spam off the menu
  • Phishing for dollars
  • Safe Cyber shopping
  • Browser Bite back
  • Private blogs and Public place
  • Going social
  • Friends, creeps and pirates
  • Any port in a storm
  • Look Pa, No Strings!
  • Getting Help
  • Tweaks
  • A note to parents

If you think you are an advanced user and this book is not for you then you might be wrong. This book is for teens as well as power internet user. So download the copy today and makes yourself eligible to save from phishing attacks.

Download “Own Your Space–Keep Yourself and Your Stuff Safe Online” Digital Book for Teen by Microsoft.

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