Download Adobe Photoshop CS2 For Free Legally

Adobe Photoshop is probably one software most of us have on our systems. However, it is still alarmingly low how few people choose to go by the legal direct and pay their way to get the service. Thanks to Torrents and things like that, a bit of searching around the web and you get through without spending a penny. However, if you are anti piracy and are all for picking things legally, you can do so for Adobe Photoshop CS 2 for free, and yes, legally.


While obviously, CS 2 is extremely old version of Photoshop and perhaps would not even run on some of the most recent OS, such as our Mac on Mavericks did not support it, but if you do have a system that is dated and you would like to run Photoshop where features are not what you are behind, and just basic editing will suffice, you can go the route of CS2 and pick it for free. The reason Adobe has made the software for free is because it is unable to support the server costs of it anymore and would rather just donate it away for free.

To do so, all you need to do is head over to the Adobe site here, create a new Adobe account unless you have an old one and simply click on to download Photoshop CS 2 based on the OS you are using. It is indeed as simple as that. This is indeed a great move by Adobe, as it certainly would hold users from using some of the other alternatives such as GIMP or even pirating the newer versions of Photoshop, and who knows, if they are impressed, they just might want to pay and contribute too.

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