Download Album Art Easily with Album Art Downloader

If you are the one who loves Album art then Album Art Downloader is an application that searches for album art through various sources to display the most appropriate album covers for your music folders. New sources can also be added by script files. The app can be controlled fully through command line parameters to allow for integration with software like Foobar2000 and other tag management software.

album art down

The app comes in an installer version as well as in a portable version for those who don’t like installing apps. But the installation is recommended for novice users.

Download the file and install the application. Once installed, run the app. On the main window, you can enter the name of the artist and the album which you are searching for. The section on the right side shows the sources through which the application is searching for album cover art.

You can remove sources you don’t want or if a source you want is not mentioned, you can add them through script files. All you search results are displayed in a section on the main window. Click on an album cover to save it and assign it to the folder that you want on your computer. Album Art Downloader can also analyze files to find album art from tags or file names of songs, and check if album art is already present.

Download Album Art Downloader.

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