Download Album Covers for Your Audio Files with Cover Retriever

Do you have loads of audio files on your computer? Then you would like to see them looking good when you open them with their album covers attached to the files. Cover Retriever is a light app that downloads album covers for the audio for selected audio files and also attaches them to the files of you choosing.

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Cover retriever does not require an installation and comes in a zip file. All you have to do is extract the file from the zip folder and open the application. Once opened, the main window opens up  from where you will be instructed to direct the app to the folder where your audio files are present.The app then analyzes the files and using certain keywords from the audio files, displays in front of you, a number of album covers which you can choose from and attach to the file of your choosing. You can even embed the cover into the file.

It is a small light weight utility that finds your album covers quickly and efficiently. The app does uses very few resources from your system. Cover retriever is compatible on all types of operating systems but runs only on 32 bit systems.

Download Cover Retriever here

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