Download Dropbox 1.0.0 RC for Windows, Linux, and Mac

If you are using Dropbox on your Windows computer and if you want to add some extra functionality to it then here comes the RC 1.0.0 version. By using it you can get the selective sync feature by which you can choose any particular Dropbox folder to be synced.

For example if you don’t want your photos to get synced in Dropbox then you can right click on Dropbox icon on the system tray and choose “preferences”. Go to Advanced tab and click on the “Selective Sync” button. All the folders will appear along with the check boxes next to them. Just uncheck the box next to the folder which you don’t want to sync. That’s it.

Selective sync feature come in handy if you have a massive folder and you don’t want to sync or download it to your PC (it will save your internet bandwidth).

If you already have dropbox installed in your computer then you can download the RC version and install it normally. It will update to the RC version (you don’t need to do any setup again).

Here is some warning given in the Dropbox Forum, read it carefully before downloading the RC:

We have found a bug when upgrading from 0.7.110 to 1.0.0 on OSX and Linux. Please do not install this version if you are currently running 0.7.110 and are on those platforms. If you already have and are having issues please see the bottom note for a potential workaround.

Here are the download links for all the supporting OS (copy the link in the address bar and press Enter):

Mac OS X:
Linux x86_64:
Linux x86:

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