Download Galaxy S4 Leaked S-Voice APK, Wallpapers Ringtones and Demo Videos

Samsung’s latest flagship phone Galaxy S4 is expected to be launched on May. But you can experience few leaked property of this device on your present Android phone. SamMobile managed to get S-Voice APK, Wallpapers Ringtones and Demo Videos of Galaxy S4 phone.


According to SamMobile, there is no much change in S-Voice app. We already experienced S-Voice in Galaxy S3 phone and people rarely use it because it is not as much effective as Google Now or Siri. But we hope that final build will show some kind of improvement in S-Voice.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with Super Amoled Full HD screen which is very new technology from Samsung. Therefore, its wallpapers are also special. They are very clear, bright and colorful and you’ll definitely enjoy Galaxy S4 screen. Ringtones are soothing, simple, nature inspired.

Download Galaxy S4 System Dump [via SamMobile].

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