Download Music From The Web With Music Tuner

Music Tuner is an application that allows users to download music from the internet for free and also arrange all their music files neatly into a library for easy access. Music Tuner is a complete application for arranging music files as well as downloading new ones from the internet. All this can be done within the confines of the interface of Music Tuner.

music tuner1

Music Tuner is easy to use and has a variety of features that will make it one of your most used apps in no time. Search for mp3’s easily by simply typing in the name of the artist, album or the song in the search bar on the MP3 search tab. You can perform up to three different mp3 searches at once. Search results are displayed within no time and you can simply click on the download button to start downloading whichever files you want from the list. Users can even search for torrents from the app. The magnetic links will be displayed in a list and users can choose to download them either through the Music Tuner app or from their own torrent handler.

Arrange music files from your computer into a library neatly and Music Tuner will download album art for those tracks automatically. This option however can be changed if you don’t want the app to do so.

So, all in all, this app is quite handy and has a host of features that will make you use it again and again.

Download Music Tuner 7.

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