Download Temple Run For Android

One of the most famous and fastest iOS mobile game Temple Run is now available for Android users also. Previously it was available on iPhone and iPad. Check out our review for Temple Run. Right now there are more than 45 million players who downloaded this awesome game for iPhone and iPad.

In this game you have to save yourself from chasing demon monkeys who are after you because you stole cursed idol from the temple. While running you face various obstacles on your way. You can purchase amazing powers from the coins you get. This never ending game is so addictive because of its speed and scores. The more score you make, more you want to break your own record.

While testing this game on Android device, I felt same smoothness and speed as it is on iOS devices. This game comes absolutely free of cost for Android users. Also you won’t see any annoying ads while playing this game. Players could purchase coins to unlock various powers and characters through out the game.

You can download this awesome mega addictive game from Google Play Store for Android device.

Check out Temple Run for Android for wasting your hours. Stay tuned for more awesome apps.

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